Agroserve products help Yorkshire farmer produce good quality milk

Mr Sowray, Brook House Farm, Terrington with 180 cows in the herd and milking 147:

Sowray“We are very pleased with Suredip as it’s helped improve a lot of things around the farm.  Richard Sharp at CH Farm Systems introduced us to the product in October 2011 and has worked well with other changes we have made around the farm, including a new parlour.

“Our mastitis rate and cell count has significantly reduced.  Cell count in particularly has gone from 400/350 to 212, which is great.

“The condition of the teats has drastically improved too, they are so glossy which means less dirt sticks to them when the cows are lying in their straw yards, plus improves the speed of milking because they milk out faster.

“We use Suredip after every milking and would recommend others to do the same.”

“We have also been using Clinidet for several years with no problems.

“It has proven to be a very cost effective way of cleaning our parlour and the cleanliness of the parlour has helped with achieving a low bactoscan.”

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