Product range

Image of Agroserve product catalogue with link to downloadThe Agroserve range includes products suitable for the manual or automatic cleaning of milking equipment and bulk milk tanks, and the cleaning and disinfection of teats and udders before and after milking. We also offer products to support more general livestock hygiene, including bedding and foot care products.

Milking Parlour (CIP) Cleaners
With a range of acid / alkaline cleaners and disinfectants, Agroserve offers the ideal solution regardless of the type or size of milking parlour and the water conditions on the farm.
Bulk Tank Cleaners
Whether your tank is direct expansion or an ice bank tank with a manual or automatic cleaning system, Agroserve will have the solution to keep it “spick and span”.
Other Cleaners
As well as parlour and bulk tank cleaners, Agroserve offers products to clean buildings, bottles, filters, reusable udder cloths and other sundry items around the farm.
Udder Hygiene: Pre-Milking
The Agroserve range of udder care products includes pre-milking foaming and non-foaming teat sprays, single-use wipes, and reusable cloths.
  • Clinidip L Concentrate
  • Hexaguard Concentrate
  • Hexaguard RTU
  • Hexaklene R
  • Ioguard RTU
  • Ioguard SuperConcentrate
  • Ioklene Concentrate
  • Ioklene RTU
  • Kote-it
  • Lactodip
  • Lactospray
  • Surespray
  • Surespray Duo
  • Surespray LA
Udder Hygiene: Post-Milking
For post-milking Agroserve offers barrier dips, standard teat dips and teat sprays based on iodine, chlorhexidine gluconate and lactic acid to suit any herd and farm.
Livestock Hygiene
As well as products to ensure good udder hygiene in milking animals, Agroserve offers bedding conditioning and foot care products suitable for all farm livestock.