Udder Hygiene: Pre Milking

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The Agroserve range of udder care products includes pre-milking foaming and non-foaming teat sprays, single-use wipes, and reusable cloths.

Pre-milking routine: the theory

Teats may be dipped with an iodine teat dip suitable for use pre-milking

Teats may be dipped with an iodine teat dip suitable for use pre-milking

Clean bedding areas are the starting point for clean udders and good udder preparation routines. When your cows enter the milking parlour, teats may appear clean as cows are coming in from clean bedding areas or grazing. However clean, there will be bacteria present on some or all of the teats to be milked. These potentially dangerous mastitis-causing pathogens should be removed before milking commences to avoid entry to open teat ends via the “milking teat end impact mechanism“ and at same time entry into the milk supply.

Image of teat being dipped with Cliifoam from Agroserve

A specially formulated foaming product, such as Clinifoam, may also be used

We offer a wide selection of formulations to suit all needs, with iodine-based formulations including low iodine 1500 ppm products such as Priodine RTU to products like Ioklene Concentrate which, when diluted for use, has 2800 ppm iodine and may be used prior to milking or as a pre- and post-milking disinfectant when conditions allow. Iodine formulations have a fast and broad-spectrum activity and when used in accordance with the label instructions are safe in use. They may be dipped, sprayed or foamed as preferred.

When heavy soiling exists it is important to remove soiling first before applying the pre dip. When stripping foremilk, “strip, dip, and wipe” applies. Never touch the teat after the pre-dip is applied and wiped off.

Image showing a teat being wiped with a Clinicloth reusable cloth

Wiping the teats before milking with Clinicloth reusable cloths helps to stimulate milk let-down as well as remove any teat dip that has been applied, soil and bacteria.

For those looking at alternatives to iodine, Clinifoam is a rapid-acting foam cleaner that quickly removes soiling and bacteria in one easy application.

Once the product has had the time necessary to act it should be wiped off using a single-use wipe such as Prewipe or a reusable cloth such as Clinicloth. This not only removes the product along with any soiling and bacteria from the teat surface, but also stimulates milk let-down by causing a release of the hormone oxytocin.

For further information on best milking preparation techniques simply complete the enquiry form and we will be happy to advise you.

The Agroserve range of udder hygiene products to use pre-milking:

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